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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

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Pool ownership can be a wonderful thing. It offers you and your family a versatile space in your backyard to relax, exercise, entertain and will provide years of enjoyment. Any activity by the water comes with risk, though, so it’s important to take the proper care and attention to keep you, your family, and your friends safe when enjoying time by the pool.

Pools can present a significant danger if left unattended, especially to young children and small animals. The best way to avoid an accident is to limit access to the pool when unattended, and that is where pool fencing comes in. Quality fencing also acts as an additional barrier against slipping and falling.

  • Fencing

    • 1.2m in height (measured from the ground) or 1.8m in the case of a boundary fence
    • No more than 100mm between the ground and start of fencing
    • Vertical bars or support struts should not have a gap of more than 100mm
    • Horizontal bars should be 900m apart minimum
    • Any holes in the fencing design should not be larger than 13mm
    • The fencing should be in good condition without any unintended holes

Superhouse offers the lowest rates for frameless glass pool fencing. Frameless glass gives a luxurious look with unobstructed views while keeping your family safe.

We manufacture and supply high-grade glass fencing panels in our factory. Besides, we offer information related to glass pool fencing , including support for all glass pool fence installations.

It is essential for you to consider the right pool safety measures at home, especially when you have young children and pets. Glass pool fencing is one safety measure that will protect your children and pets from potential danger. A frameless glass pool fence helps in reflecting light giving your yard a bigger more spacious look. A glass pool fencing system is a clear choice for your next pool fencing project due to it’s strength, safety, and good looks.

If you are interested in getting a pool fencing system, you should strongly consider getting one with styles that will compliment your home. We have a range of glass fence options available to suit your style and add beauty to your space.

We make certain that they are of the highest quality. Our glass pool fencing installations are performed with skill, and our accessories are designed to meet the needs of any residential home project. We have more than two decades of work experience in this field.

Our versatile swimming pool glass fencing designs can complement almost any architecture, so you can be certain that you will find something that will be ideal for your property. Glass fencing system is a good investment for your  pool area.

Our benefits include:

>  Secure and safe packaging and supply

>  Guaranteed low pricing on pool fences

>  Free quotes

Today, swimming pool fencing with semi frameless and frameless glass is becoming more popular. This kind of glass fencing doesn’t block outdoor views, and gives an open positive feel thanks to it’s clear unrestricted view. It’s ideal for fencing a balcony or pool. Besides, the glass panels are made of toughened glass for enhanced durability and safety of pool fences.

Frameless glass fencing design also looks unique and chic. It’s perfect for creating a boundary for a swimming pool or glass balustrades without interrupting your views. Our high quality glass fencing options are specially designed to keep your children safe.

The Superhouse team has 16+ years of glass fencing work experience, and are industry leaders in supplying and installing frameless glass pool fencing  services.

Our boys take pride in their job and only provide high quality work and original fencing glass products that meet Australian quality and safety standards. Moreover, our glass fencing panels come with a fine finish that will retain its seamless look for many years to come.

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